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Poppy Undies launched in December 2020 with the intention of creating a sense of community, self-love, and confidence through embroidered intimates, wear, and paper.

My mom taught me how to embroider by hand a few years ago on a matzah cover. I immediately fell in love with the craft and the process of thoughtfully creating pieces by hand.” - Emily Labowe, founder.

Our pieces are created with an emphasis on authenticity, minimalism, and mindfulness. Undies are accented with hand-drawn embroidery that embraces nature, self-love, and acceptance.

I have always been a creature of comfort, so I set out to make my dream undies - comfort without sacrificing sexiness” - Emily Labowe, founder.


Poppy Undies are sustainably and responsibly produced in small batches in Los Angeles. We value worker rights and welfare by operating with factories and artisans in the local Los Angeles community. Everything from design development through to production and embroidery is made/completed locally.

We strive to support the use of low-waste packaging and recyclable materials where ever possible. Each pair of underwear arrives in a 100% recyclable kraft envelope. We continue to do our due diligence to lower our ecological footprint and reduce any negative social and environmental impacts, as Poppy Undies grows and evolves.


Poppy Paper Ed. 01 is an art newspaper we published featuring works from prominent artists around the globe, who graciously shared their art, words, and imagery relating to themes of body, femininity, love, heartbreak, and self-acceptance.


Poppy Wear is a collection of pieces that focus on ease & comfort.


Poppy Undies collaborates with like-minded artists and creators to produce one-of-a-kind objects.